Handmade Havdalah Candle - Blue and White

By Sty-IL

Handmade Havdalah Candle - Blue and White

By Sty-IL
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Product Description

Here is a pretty candle for Havdalah. Using Kosher paraffin is hand-braided in the ancient town of Safed. The candle will add depth and meaning to the Havdalah recitation. We ask you to beware of cheap artificial imitations. All our Havdalah candles are hand-made. Don’t forget to hold the candle carefully so that wax should not drip on the table.
It is a custom to turn off the lights just before reciting the blessing over the candle. In that way, the flame of the candle glows over the darkened room and the blessing “who has created the lights of fire” is even more meaningful. When the lights are turned on again, the sharp contrast between light and darkness is highlights. This strengthens our resolve that during the coming week, we will enforce clear demarcation lines between good and the bad.


Size: Approx 25cm / 10"
Brand : Hatzafon - Safed candle
Material: paraffin
Made in Israel

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