Sayings of the Jewish Sages Stickers

Sayings of the Jewish Sages Stickers

2.3"/5.8 cm

Product Description

Wow! So much wisdom in just a few pages of stickers. Six pages filled with sticker quotes of sayings, proverbs, quotes – all from authentic Jewish sources and o’ so relevant. Test yourself. Use them for teaching – for prizes or incentives. Enjoy the rich world of Jewish quotations. Here are some of them – translated from the Hebrew: “Those who prepare for Shabbat with effort, will afterwards enjoy the Shabbat day!”, “Still waters run deep”, “Wisdom is experience,” “Respect the elderly”, “What is hateful to you, don’t do to your friend!”

6 pages in each package. 12 stickers on each page


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Size: 2.3"/5.8 cm


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