Turquoise Agayof Wash Cup

Turquoise Agayof Wash Cup


Product Description

Ajudaica takes pride to present to the public the striking Wash Cups of Avner Agayof. This one is a bright turquoise color. It seems almost too delicate to use. Don’t worry. It is made of anodized aluminum so it will stand up to regular use. A metal band holds the handles and a wider metal band carries in Hebrew the words of the blessing recited on washing hands.
In the traditional words used in Israel “Tishtamesh be’briut!” – Use in good health!

Made by the renown artist Agayof in his studio in Jerusalem.


Type: Wash cup
Materials: anodized aluminium
Height: 7"/18 cm
Width: 5.9"/15 cm
Made in Jerusalem
Artist: Agayof

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