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The traditional Prayer Shawl – known in Hebrew as a Tallit – is wrapped around the body during prayer time. It has a deep mystical significance and is a firm expression of Jewish identity.

The Modern Tallit

Since contemporary society focuses on individual fulfillment, many look for a tallit expressing their taste and personality. At aJudaica, you will find stunning modern-style Tallitot that are 100% Kosher. They are produced by Talitania, Israel’s prestigious leading manufacturer of quality Tallitot.

The Choice

Peace and Jerusalem, themes close to every Jew, are beautifully portrayed on this quality wool and polyester Tallit. Highlighted are words in Hebrew, ”Jerusalem, City of Peace”.

Another popular Tallit, featuring a striped design in a choice of shades and hues, is called Joseph’s Coat – a reference to the coat of many colors Jacob presented to his son.

Display your love of Israel with a wool-polyester Tallit featuring Jerusalem scenes together with the Seven Blessed Fruits of the Land and decorated corners.

If you cannot pray at the Western Wall, carry it with you praying with this stunning polyester Tallit decorated with views of the Wall and words from the Jerusalem of Gold song.

The exclusive Carmel Tallit features lorex color stripes giving it a regal look, so popular with the modern man. Choose the stripe color that best expresses your taste and personality.


Every Tallit comes in a full range of sizes so you can choose from the throw-on-shoulder Tallit to a full length wrap-over. With each Tallit there is an optional matching bag and kippah and other accessories. You can also choose the tzitzit you wish, depending on your custom and preference. Names can be embroidered on the Tallit bag.

Your Tallit

Whichever Tallit you choose, you can be sure of a modern contemporary style that will inspire your prayers and give you uplift. The superb workmanship will give you years of quality wear.

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