Traditional Prayer Shawls

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Let’s talk about the Tallit

The Tallit, a four cornered outer garment, is one of Judaism’s most well-known identity symbols. In each of the corners are Tzitzit, special strings to be tied and knotted in the prescribed manner. From the age of Bar Mitzvah or from the wedding – depending on custom - it is worn during morning prayers on Shabbat, Festivals and weekdays.

Traditional Style Tallitot

The traditional Tallit is usually from wool or a wool combination although silk and rayon are also used. It displays black and white - sometimes colored - stripes. Most of the Ajudaica classic Tallitot are produced by the prestigious Talitania Company, world-famous for its quality and craftsmanship.

The Choice

You will find in aJudaica acrylic or wool Tallitot with a choice of color for the stripes, giving a touch of individuality. There is a breathtakingly beautiful classic Prima Tallit. The combination-silk Tallit has a contemporary sky blue color and a decorative design theme. There are distinguished wool acrylic combinations. The Malchut has the added feature of non-slip shoulders. The Noy and popular Prima Tallitot offer a choice of colored stripes. The Zion Paz line of polyester Rayon, feels like silk and includes a contemporary design of Biblical verses and slender fringes. The Yemenite Tallit is stunning and will always look striking. You are invited to display your support of Israel with a magnificent Star of David Tallit.


Ajudaica’s Tallitot are available in a full range of sizes. Our call staff will be happy to help you if you need assistance with the measurement. Note the many optional extras - matching Tallit bag, kippah and so on. There is also a choice of tzitzit, depending on your custom and preference. Names can be embroidered on the Tallit bag.

Your Tallit

If you are looking for a traditional Tallit, Ajudaica will give you the Tallit that is classic and top quality, reasonably priced – a Tallit that will inspire and give strength to your prayers.

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