Adi Sidler Hanukkah Menorah

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Aluminum Hanukkah Menorahs by the Israeli Artist - Adi Sidler

Chanukah - festive, fun-filled family Festival. Focal point is the eight-branch Menorah. One candle is kindled the first evening and another is added each successive day until the last evening when eight candles are kindled. The shamash is used as the leading candle for the lighting ceremony.

Ajudaica offers a rich variety of Menorah designs – traditional, contemporary, entertaining, classic or innovative. Scroll through and you will find just the Menorah you will enjoy to celebrate the Festival of Chanukah and commemorate the miracle of Jewish survival through the ages.

We present a selection of Menorahs from Adi Sidler, a prestigious international Israeli designer. He minimalistic style, created from stainless steel, expresses a “less is best” philosophy that fits with the efficiency and goal orientated life-style that dominates our society. His new line of Menorahs is modernistic but retains Halachic guidelines.

In his new line of Menorahs, Sidler uses metal to express the spirit and message of Chanukah. His sleek kinetic Menorah suggests movement – the flow of time and human energy that has supported the Jewish people through the ages. The rods lock into the base like pieces from a puzzle completing a magnificent Menorah that will be impressive as a year-round Judaica showpiece.

A similar design is available displaying eight upright rods to hold the candles. The striking blend of colors and the firm base represent the perfect blend of old and new, tradition and contemporary art.

If you appreciate originality, you will love Sidler’s adjustable Menorah with its two moveable sides that join to form the candle-holder - another magnificent demonstration of old and new that unite with love to bring light to the world and illuminate the future.

If you are looking for a special gift that expresses appreciation for modern art and loyalty to Jewish tradition, aJudaica warmly recommends an Adi Sidler Menorah. Its timeless style makes it suitable for any occasion - a Bar mitzvah, wedding or housewarming. It will be a perpetual source of pleasure to the owner and to all who appreciate fine art.

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