Dorit Klein Hanukkah Menorah

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The Menorah in the Jewish Home

The Menorah, the eight- branch candelabrum lit after dusk each evening of the eight day Festival of Chanukah, is a symbol of Jewish identity and much more. Throughout the ages, Jews took pride in owning beautiful Menorahs that would prominently publicize the miracle of Chanukah and act as a focal point for its celebration. AJudaica has brought together a collection of over 400 Menorahs from the best of Israel's artists.

Meet Dorit Judaica

One of aJudaica’s prominent Israeli artist is Dorit Klein, known as Dorit Judaica. Her Menorahs adorn Jewish homes all over the world. They express her passionate love of Jewish tradition, texts and symbols. We invite you to scroll through the aJudaica selection of Dorit Judaica Menorahs - each one a pleasure to look at. Notice the classic design, the clean cut steel, the delicate engravings and the beautifully inscribed texts.

The Dorit Judaica Menorah Selection

Many Dorit Judaica Menorahs incorporate her hallmark theme, the blessed pomegranate, symbol of bounty, wisdom and purity. Occasionally, Swarovski crystals add a magic touch. Others have a dove perched at the summit – herald of good tidings.

For a colorful Menorah, consider the models displaying colorful pomegranates, palm trees and of course beautifully laid-out texts. Highly popular are the Menorahs elegantly incorporating the traditional Chanukah prayer and song of Haneirot Halalu and Moaz Tzur. An innovative style is the lace design decorating the front of another Menorah.

Most of Dorit Judaica's Menorahs are intended for oil lighting, using the traditional wicks in glass cups and she supplies each Menorah with nine glass cups. We recommend that you have extra glasses on hand. You will find them on our web site together with matches, wicks and a beautiful selection of colored candles.

The Perfect Choice

A Dorit Judaica Menorah is the perfect choice if you want a classic model that is traditional but will blend in with the modern d&233;cor of a contemporary style home. It is a Menorah that will always be a pleasure to give or receive. It speaks of taste, timeless beauty and a love of Chanukah and its precious ancient symbols.

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