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Showing 1-32 out of 140 items

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David Gerstein's vibrant pop art is featured in prestigious museums and galleries worldwide. His colorful Bicycle series, Heart sculptures and other Judaica are fanciful and dynamic with an introspective element of irony.

Reflections of the Innocence of Childhood

David Gerstein is one of Israel’s most sought-after artists with an exclusive world-wide reputation. Gerstein’s art is characterized by bright optimistic colors reflecting the vibrant flow of life. He has developed a skillful technique for dynamic three-dimensional sculpture. He depicts human figures, urban and rural landscapes and everyday activities. His works reflect the innocence of childhood, viewing the world with an amused non-critical gaze. There is also a subtle self-irony expressing the reality of contemporary life.

A Sampling of His Works

Kaleidoscopic sculptures of birds, cows and butterflies; sculptures of exuberant dancers and jazz musicians; sculptures of cyclists and runners- aJudaica invites you to view all these and more as part of our curated Gerstein collection. Three dimensional poppies, sunflowers, tulips will ease their way into your heart with their youthful charm. Art-nouveau placemats and wacky laser-cut fruit bowls will stylishly settle upon your dining room table. Gerstein's "Face to Face" and "Strokes of Love" sculptures make for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts due to their authentically vibrant feel.

David Gerstein: Collector Items

David Gerstein is one of Israel’s top artists with an exclusive world-wide reputation. His artworks are displayed in exhibitions, museums, galleries and private homes all over the world and many are already collectors' items. Born in the 1940s, David displayed prodigious artistic talent from a young age. After studying at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, he traveled the world and studied in Paris, New York and London. Today, he lives in Israel and is regularly commissioned by governments and commercial concerns. His works adorn many public places in Israel.

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