Mezuzah Case by Dorit

Dorit Mezuzah Cases, featuring colorful Hamsa Mezuzah, Oriental Wood Mezuzah Case, colorful Jerusalem design Mezuzah by Dorit.

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Showing 1-32 out of 98 items

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Mezuzah Cases by Dorit

We know that you want to greet your guests warmly and ensure that the entrance to your home is attractive and inviting. Well, that is what a Mezuzah does. The rolled up Mezuzah parchment, scrupulously written by a scribe in accordance with Jewish law, brings protection and blessing to the home. It is in the spirit of “Hidur mitzvah” beautifying Mitzvah objects that we insert the scroll into a beautiful aesthetic case, fittingly reflecting our respect for the mezuzah and what it represents.

AJudaica has a huge collection of mezuzah case – in every size, color and design. But first - we urge you to first give your attention to the display of Dorit Judaica. Without a doubt, she is one of our most popular artists. Give a brief look at her products and you will understand why. Her products speak to every group. Talented and dedicated, she brings to Judaic art, her love of Jewish tradition and her vast knowledge of blessings and Hebrew texts. Her incredible harmony of colors and designs never cease to amaze us.

Her fresh and lively colors radiate joy and light. Many of her mezuzah case come in a choice of shades and sizes – all clearly specified. The materials used include lucite, aluminum, stainless steel and wood. With endless patience and meticulous attention to detail, Dorit laser cuts the design, often adding gleaming Swarovski stones for a final flourish.

If you do not find the color or size you need, do not hesitate to call our office staff. Trained and experience, they will be pleased to help you.

Scroll through the collection. You will see vibrant mezuzah cases featuring Jerusalem images or the Seven Species or other Jewish motifs. Her carefree flower or heart designs will bring a youthful look to your home. For children’s rooms there are stunning mezuzah cases in pink and blue with designs they will love. Rounded or square, many of her mezuzah are transparent so you can see the scroll inside.

A home decorated with Dorit Judaica’s mezuzah cases is a home of impeccable elegance and good taste. Start right away and be dazzled by the choice of colors and designs. We are sure you will find a mezuzah case that will fittingly hold your scroll and bring abundant blessings and protection to your home.

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