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Wondering what to buy for an engagement, wedding or housewarming? Looking for something useful, attractive and also Jewish. What could be a more fitting and welcome gift than a Wash Cup known also as a Natla a vital item in every Jewish home. Usually, there are at least two, three or more around the house. So, an additional one will always be welcome.

From rising in the morning until retiring at night, and especially before eating bread, a wash cup is needed for ritual hand washing. Colorful, lightweight and durable, their design can be chosen to blend in with the d&233;cor. You will find at Ajudaica an enormous selection of all colors and styles. So, if you want to refresh any sink area that is the place to look for your wash cup.

We know that you will be enchanted with the wash cups of Dorit Judaica, one of Israel's most popular Judaica artists. Remarkably talented, this fifth generation Israeli brings to her products a deep love of tradition together with a fresh look at Judaica using contemporary techniques. Her passionate love of pomegranates, flowers and mandalas are expressed in her exquisite wash cup designs in a combination of gentle color themes.

Each cup is meticulously designed; the artistic ewer shape holds an ample amount of water and the two comfortable handles ensure an easy hold. The designs are so pretty and colorful, it will be hard to make a final choice. You may like the cup with a colorful floral display suggesting a breath of spring. Another one features a delicate pomegranate theme. For mandala lovers there is a rich ornate design. And in a deep maroon, we see a flowing leaf design. At the front of each cup is a decorative plaque with the words "Netilat Ya'dayim" in Hebrew.

The beauty of Dorit Judaica's wash cups is that they come with a matching hand towel. You can purchase as a set or separately. This will make your gift very special. Why not treat yourself to a set to upgrade your Shabbat table or to give that special touch to Seder evening. Buy a few and leave them alongside the sink for a luxurious look.

Whichever Dorit Judaica wash cup you buy, it will carry the familiar hallmark of her individual style and creativity. It is a wash cup that is as attractive as it is functional and as functional as it is attractive!

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