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What’s a Hamsa?

Since ancient times, Jews and non-Jews have been decorating their homes with the traditional Hamsa symbol – an open palm motif with five prominent fingers, reputed to bring happiness, health, luck and good fortune. Known for shielding the home from the Evil Eye’s negative energies, Hamsa wall decorations are popular works of art bringing beauty and protection to the home.

Dorit Judaica and the Hamsa

Israel’s beloved artist, Dorit Judaica, has created for us a stunning collection of wall Hamsas that will elevate and beautify the home. Skillfully blending texts with up-to-date technology, she weaves prayers, texts and blessings on a background of ornate pomegranates - traditional symbol of prosperity, wisdom and fertility. Within the fingers, Dorit adds more pomegranates, decorating them with gleaming Swarovski stones.

Jewish Text Hamsas

Dorit Judaica offers trendy Hamsas - on the palm are written ancient texts and prayers. There are Women of Valor Hamsas incorporating King Solomon’s moving tribute to the Jewish woman. Or, express yearning for peace with a Shalom or Jerusalem Hamsa featuring a colorful picture of the Old City. There are Aaronic blessings, or blessings for arriving and departing, the Rosh Chodesh blessing and others in Hebrew and English, extending good wishes and blessings for the home or place of work.

Filigree Hamsas

For lovers of classic designs, there is a Dorit selection of Hamsas featuring a delicate lace technique that is certain to bring you admiring compliments. The paper cut impression looks fragile but they are strong and sturdy. They come as wall Hamsas or on a stand for your table or shelf.

A gift for yourself or a loved one

A Dorit Judaica wall Hamsa, perfect for an entrance, corridor or room, will radiate warmth and joy to your home. They make wonderful housewarming, engagement, wedding or hostess gifts. Each one is a work of art - an inspiring and beautiful wall decoration with a rich Jewish flavor.

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