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Tefillin Peshutim

Tefillin Peshutim

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Tefillin Peshutim

At the age of 13, a Jewish boy becomes bar mitzvah and begins to don Tefillin for his daily prayers. Every pair of tefillin comprises two leather boxes with special straps - one attached to the head and the other to the arm. The boxes contain ritually written parchment scrolls.

You may wonder why there is such a variation of price between the expensive and low-cost tefillin. This is because there are huge differences in the quality of the parchment writing, the material used for the boxes and the straps. There are four levels: the simplest, tefillin peshutim progressing to tefillin peshutim mehudarim, then tefillin dakkot and finally top quality long lasting gassot tefillin.

Although, it is customary to fulfill every mitzvah in a beautiful manner, if you have a limited budget and only want a basic pair of tefillin, you will choose tefillin peshutim. These are tefillin made with various leniencies. The inner parts comprise of pieces of parchment and leather glued together, the parchments are handwritten by a scribe but are not computer checked and they do not carry a guarantee. However, they come with a free velvet bag.

When you order your tefillin on our web site, you will be asked to specify whether your right or left hand is dominant. You will also need to specify whether the straps should be prepared for a clockwise or an anti-clockwise hand wrapping style. This will depend on your custom.

We are delighted that you are approaching this great milestone in your life and we want to help you keep the mitzvah of tefillin in the best way possible. So, if you have queries or would like clarification, do not hesitate to call us.

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