Yealat Chen

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Israeli Artist - Yealat Chen

aJudaica recognizes that a new generation of Israeli artists is growing who display impressive talents and an original use of raw materials to produce items of Judaic interest of exquisite beauty. With years of experience in the field, they now seek to expand to markets outside Israel. Many of them are well-known in Israel and their products are highly respected and treasured items.

We feel sure that you too will want to be part of our efforts to publicize Israeli-made quality Judaic items. They will give your collection added depth and significance. Discerning buyers will recognize the beauty and trademark style presented by Yealat Chen – a well-known Israeli artist of Yemenite ancestry who has been marketing her goods in Israel for over 25 years. She has developed the use of a zink alloy metal known as zamak that is versatile and offers a high quality product. The results are impressive and a worthwhile investment for anyone who is looking to acquire Judaica items that are of lasting value and beauty.

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