Candlesticks by Yealat Chen

You've never seen such candlesticks, from the cleverly constructed Star of David Travelling candlesticks, to the Dove of Peace candles forming a heart and more! Perfect as a wedding or housewarming gift, they are traditional and contemporary at the same time.

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Yealat Chen Candlesticks

Throughout the ages, the Jewish woman has cherished the commandment to kindle Shabbat lights. As sundown approaches on Friday afternoon, she ushers in the Shabbat day by lighting candles. As she recites the blessing, peace descends on the home and she uses those precious moments to utter a prayer on behalf of her dear ones.

In today's world of mobility and rapid communication, women are frequently on the go and whether for business or pleasure, they find themselves spending Shabbat away from home. No matter. The Jewish woman will always kindle her beloved Shabbat lights on Friday afternoon.

In response, a new area of Judaica has developed the creation of travelling candlesticks compact small candleholders that can easily fit into any handbag. At the same time, they are useful in the home for guests, for when extra lights are needed or to add atmosphere to a festive meal.

Yealat Chen, a leading Israeli artist who has been producing Judaica items for the home for over 25 years, presents us with a collection of affordable travelling candlesticks that will delight the eye and the soul.

She offers us a choice of colors and designs. One of her popular themes is the pomegranate and this reappears in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will also find in her collection - doves, Stars of David, pretty Jerusalem images and of course, the ever-popular Hamsa, bringing its message of protection and good fortune.

In addition, Yealat has designed a number of gorgeous table candlesticks. You will love the stone or elegant filigree metal design. If you wish to indulge in a luxurious candlestick, consider her gold plate or sterling silver lush design.

Whatever the occasion, travelling candlesticks are a thoughtful gift a lovely gesture of love and friendship to present before a journey - a reminder of the light of joy, peace and harmony that the Jewish woman brings to the home.

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