Mezuzah by Yealat Chen

We're proud to portray this stunning array of Mezuzahs, made in Israel by the artist Yealat Chen, with distinctive quality and features with Jewish themes. with Mezuzah cases for all ages and styles, they are durable and enduring.

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Showing 1-4 out of 4 items

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Yaelat Chen Mezuzah Cases

The mezuzah parchment on the doorposts of the Jewish home is an identity symbol and an eloquent reminder of G-d’s eternal protection. Over the years, artistic talent and inspiration have been lavished on the design of the Mezuzah case – a reflection on the honor and importance given to the parchment inside.

Scroll through the AJudaica collection of Mezuzah cases designed by Israeli artist, Yealat Chen, and you will surely find one to suit your taste and pocket. She offers a charming choice – each one with a distinctive style and eye-catching theme. They are made from strong durable Mazak metal and are attached to the wall with screws or tape.

You will find delightful designs of Jerusalem depicting its domes, winding streets, stones and beloved arches. Others display the iconic windmill. Many come with a choice of colored stones that add a graceful touch to the case.

The Seven Species, the agricultural products with which the Land of Israel is blessed, is another popular Yealat Chen theme. There are wheat sheaf designs in silver and gold and a choice of decorative pomegranate designs.

Other themes include variations on the Star of David, an art nouveau design or an elegant imitation of a rolled scroll. There are bird and lion decorative themes and also a Mezuzah case adorned with home blessings.

Our favorite is the youthful tree design Mezuzah case – perfect for a children’s den or playroom. Or, strike a playful note with the enchanting peek-a-boo Mezuzah case for children in a red or blue option.

The attractive designs, durable quality and affordable price makes a Yealat Chen Mezuzah case the perfect choice for your home or for a gift. You can be sure that the modern but traditional designs will always make a good impression. Remember - whilst the Mezuzah case is an important décor feature, even more important is the Mezuzah parchment inside. It must carry a recognized certificate confirming that the scroll meets the stringent laws and regulations of Jewish law.

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