Menorah and Dreidels by Yealat Chen

These durable and elegantly crafted Chanukah items are perfect as Chanukah gifts. Made in Israel by the artist Yealat Chen, they convey a spirit of youth and whimsicality while staying true to tradition, featuring popular Chanukah symbols.

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Showing 1-2 out of 2 items

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Chanukah by Yealat Chen

When looking for a Hannukah gift for your loved ones, why not take a look at these beautiful and durable dreidels which are made in Israel of quality materials. The ancient coin replica one can be given as a gift to grace any office desk and the others are decorated with colored stones and intricate metalwork, often with Jewish themes such as pomegranates. The Menorahs feature themes from nature, and are compact without compromising on style, beauty and quality.

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