Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll Sefardi Version

Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll Sefardi Version

$32.95 - $36.95
  • Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll Hand written in Sephardic-Oriental style of script by an expert scribe.
  • All aJudaica mezuzot are written in accordance with stringent Halachic requirements by G-d fearing scribes with years of experience and studying
  • 100% Kosher with certificate, proofread by an expert proofreader
  • Wrapped in a protective covering
  • Comes with 4 Years warranty

Product Description

This basic Mezuzah parchment is written in the Sephardic-Oriental style of script (different letter formations from the Ashkenazi style). It is offered in four sizes. Make sure to choose a size that will fit comfortably into the Mezuzah case.

All aJudaica mezuzot are written in accordance with stringent Halachic requirements by G-d fearing scribes with years of experience and studying. They use only Shelil, quality calf hide parchment.

After writing, the parchment is checked by an experienced proofreader who ensures that the letters are correctly formed and properly spaced. A second examination by computer checks if any letter or word is missing or has been added in error. A kashrut certificate is issued confirming the Mezuzah’s validity and granting a ten year warranty.
With each purchase comes a note with the blessing and basic instructions for attaching the Mezuzah to the doorpost.

All aJudaica mezuzah parchments are 100% kosher. The terms: basic, upgraded and mehudar refer to graded levels of excellence. Basic parchments meet minimal requirements. Upgraded is a more advanced level and Mehudar denotes the highest level of craftsmanship - script that is especially pleasing to the eye as befits such a holy item.


Made in Israel
4 Years warranty
Material: Klaf Shelil

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Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0 based on 11 reviews

had to unroll it

why do you send the parchment rolled - had to unroll it for Rabbi to check - is not good for parchment to be open and closed. Otherwise, satisfied.

Sephardi Tahor and proud of it!

Great to have a mezuzah written in Sephardi style - I like to keep with the Sephardic tradition - gives me inner energy!

Beware of fraud!

Never thought it would happen to me. Walking in Tel Aviv, I found a store that sold mezuzah parchments for a bargain price - told me he was closing down. Came home and my Rabbi told me they were a complete fraud - printed on parchment like paper. was pleased to buy from someone reputable like aJudaica - Rabbi said this is excellent quality and I already have them affixed - want others to know to be aware of tricksters.

Mezuzah scroll

Exactly as advertised. Come with certification and blessing. Perfect. Very impressed. Arrived quickly too. Will order more as needed.

Discount for quantity

We needed a lot of mezuzah scrolls for our new school. I appreciated the nice discount you gave for quantity. G-d bless you all.

excellent scroll

high quality and good price.

Beyond excellence!!

Absolutely par excellence and such great quality!!

Nice Parchment

Nice parchment, fits nicely into the Mezuzah, paper is good quality, great buy for the price, you’ll be pleased

Good Service

Good service, fast shipping and excellent product. Shalom

Excellent Klaph for Mezuzah

These are really excellent, especially for the price. It is also pretty difficult to find Sephardic mezuzot so it is all the more impressive that I found these here and that there were of the quality that they are. Highly recommend.

Kosher Scroll

Examined by my Rabbi. It is indeed a kosher item and very well done at great price. Would definitely recommend to others and will likely purchase another. Toda Raba

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