Dvora Black Tree of Life Hand-Finished Print Hebrew Chai

Dvora Black Tree of Life Hand-Finished Print Hebrew Chai

  • This Tree of Life wall decoration, the perfect gift for all seasons and occasions, is crafted by Israeli artist Dvora Black
  • The luscious colorful fruit tree, rooted in the Hebrew word Chai-Life, extends a blessing for bounty, success and meaningful living
  • The artist has perfected the decoupage technique. Transparent paints, added by hand, give the warm inspiring glow of stained glass
  • Glass frame stands aside from wall so light streams through the design, giving a beautiful soft touch
  • Picture can be hung immediately in any prominent place in the home

Product Description

Give your home a new look with this outstanding work of art that will take pride of place on the walls of your home. Dvora Blacks’s mystical Tree of Life carries diverse colors and rich ripe colorful fruit. The tree emerges from a hill on which is written CHAI, Hebrew for LIFE - symbol for good fortune and success.

The wide gold frame is part of a special technique that enables the stained glass to stand slightly away from the wall so that an energizing glow filters through the colors, enhancing the mystical impact.


SKU: DVB-142
Artist: Dvora Black
Size: 8.5" x 9"/21.5 x 22.8 cm
Material: laser prints on glass, finished with hand painted gold and glass paint.
Made in Israel
Ships in 5-7 business days.

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