Dvora Black Sons Blessing Hand-Finished Print Hebrew or English

Dvora Black Sons Blessing Hand-Finished Print Hebrew or English

  • Your son will thank you for this blessing plaque silently telling him, "We will always be there for you!"
  • The delicate olive design with leaves and branches represents the olive’s qualities of strength, light, peace and eternal blessing.
  • Artist Dvora Black adds a personal message – a floral arrangement of Israeli flowers she personally gathered and pressed
  • Exclusive limited edition - signed by the artist. Comes to you framed with hook on reverse side
  • • Another Dvora Black print expressing devotion to the Jewish family

Product Description

Precious words of blessing captured by artist Dvora Black in a breathtakingly beautiful wall hanging.

In the center, authentic hand-pressed flowers from the hills of Jerusalem are surrounded by wreaths of leaves and olives, symbol of peace. Around, in delicate calligraphy print, are extracts from the Aaronic blessing and words from Jacob blessing to his grandchildren Menashe and Ephraim, recited by fathers when they bless their sons on special occasions.
Available in English or Hebrew version. Comes with frame.


Artist: Dvora Black
Size: 11" x 11"/ 27 x 27 cm
Material: signed laser prints on Tintoretto paper, pressed flowers.
Made in Israel
Ships in 5-7 business days.

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