YehuditsArt Papercut and Microcalligraphy Wall Decor - Ibex

YehuditsArt Papercut and Microcalligraphy Wall Decor - Ibex

  • Amazing paper-cut wall hanging admiring Israel's ibex desert goat
  • With micrography writing, the artist has formed paths of Bible verses
  • A brown colored sloping frame enhances the theme and atmosphere
  • An exciting gift, especially for any Yael Hebrew translation of Ibex

Product Description

A gentle ibex, mountain goat, gazes at us from the desert dunes where he lives. Blending with the papercut, Yehudis has incorporated micrographic Biblical verses praising the Yael, Hebrew for ibex. Yael - a beautiful girl's name is synonymous in the Bible with grace and a light foot and is forever associated with the righteous Yael who killed the wicked Sisera.

Individually hand-made for each order.
Comes with glass and frame ready to hang on wall.
Preparation time is 3-4 days


SKU: YHA-014
Artist: YehuditsArt
White and Felt Paper
Calligraphic materials
Height: 4 / 10 cm
Width: 10 / 25.4 cm

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