YehuditsArt Decorative Micrographics Marriage Ketubah - Pastoral Background

YehuditsArt Decorative Micrographics Marriage Ketubah - Pastoral Background

$269.50 - $319.00
  • A handmade traditional Jewish marriage Ketubah Agreement
  • Exquisitely decorated with blossoming tree, love birds, tulips
  • Highlighted with metallic shining colors and bronze lines
  • Includes micrographic verses from Song of Songs

Product Description

YehuditsArt personalizes the traditional Ketubah text, legal marriage document, by setting it in an exquisite hand-drawn pastoral setting. A country cottage, flowers, lovebirds, a blossoming tree and even a Star of David radiate a bright, fresh and romantic atmosphere. Below the tree roots in miniature micrography are eloquent verses from the Song of Songs.

You can choose a Ketubah entirely handmade or a print with hand additions.
Specify if you wish to receive the Ashkenazi or Sephardi Ketubah text.
Preparation time is 3-4 days


Artist: YehuditsArt
Symphony paper
Professional gouache colors
Calligraphic materials
Height: 20 / 50.8 cm
Width: 13.3 / 33.7 cm

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