MyBlessing Lubavitcher Rebbe Painting by Yehudah Broitman Beit Halachmi

MyBlessing Lubavitcher Rebbe Painting by Yehudah Broitman Beit Halachmi

MyBlessing Lubavitcher Rebbe Painting by Yehudah Broitman Beit Halachmi

  • True-to-life painting of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
  • Known for its supernatural powers
  • Brings salvation, fertility, love, wealth, success, health & happiness
  • Hundreds of people experience daily miracles thanks to this painting

Product Description

Yearning for salvation? Here is a proven miracle-working painting of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that is known to increase health, wealth, fertility, success and happiness.

Ten years of hard work and dedication for one work of art!

The exact replica of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, painted by world-renowned Ukranian-Israeli artist Yehudah Broitman Beit Halachmi, is a masterpiece- ten years in the making, which constitutes the peak of consistent spiritual and corporeal effort and hard work. The art piece, which depicts the holy image of divine righteousness – the Lubavitcher Rebbe, expresses the pure essence of the spiritual connection – "units" as called in the Hassidic language, between one's soul and the righteous soul and as a piece that has a unique capacity to bring salvation.

Ten miraculous years of salvation
It is not for nothing that the artist achieved spiritual connection with the Rebbe. He began he process with many months of heartfelt prayer, studying Hassidism for hours each day and would only begin painting at sundown. In other words, the physical aspect of the art piece portrays the Rebbe's image, but the spiritual aspect contains hours of intent and hard spiritual work infused in it by the artist.

But this story is over 10 years old, and since then, numerous pieces have been sold and we've heard of dozens of stories about miracles and salvation: critically ill people who recovered, women who became pregnant, single people who found their significant others, and many more stories of salvation, including in livelihood, that have made the art piece a special piece that contains unique value. One cannot deny the rare blessing and the powers contained in this painting!

The salvation of the work of art

We've often been asked: "How?", "How does it work?", and "How could a corporeal piece bring such spiritual salvation?". Our answer always remains the same:
The results and salvation which the art piece owners saw and see with their own eyes, the thank-you letters, and the multiple testimonies – speak for themselves. We just cannot argue with the facts. Up to this day it has simply worked for so many people – so from this day on – it will also work for you.

Connect – Accept onto yourself – In light…
If you want a blessing, are in need of salvation in livelihood, relationships, marriage, health, education, or any other matter, we invite you too to take part in the amazing project "Connect – Accept onto yourself – In light", to watch testimonies of others who've been saved. You will welcome a strong light and a chance for salvation into your home, while continuing to spread all that good forward.

All you need to do now is to purchase the art piece for yourself and your loved ones.
Now is time to enjoy enlightenment and to spread the profusion of blessings onward to anyone and everyone near and dear to you.

It has worked for so many people – so from this day on – it will work for you too.


Artist: Yehudah Broitman Beit Halachmi
Size: 11.5 cm x 13.5 cm
Material: Painting print on canvas. Ornate frame. Comes in an attaractive gift box.
Made in Israel

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