YehuditsArt Whimsical Handmade Wall Decor - Building the Third Temple

YehuditsArt Whimsical Handmade Wall Decor - Building the Third Temple

$57.20 - $125.40
  • A wall decoration for bride and groom takes a humorous look at building the 3rd Temple
  • Delicate watercolors highlighted with gold decorative additions sets the atmosphere
  • There is joy and music with a fiddler, a musician and "Mazal Tov" written on the truck
  • In micro-graphics above and below are good wishes and blessings to young couple

Product Description

A wedding gift to bring joy and laughter to a new home. A fiddler on the crane, musicians on the truck's roof and a Mazal Tov on the side of the truck together building the Third Temple. Above, in micrographic script are Talmudic words comparing rejoicing with bride and groom to rebuilding the Temple and below are the words, "Next year in rebuilt Jerusalem!

Option: Three sizes - Small, Medium or Large. 3-4 days preparation. Comes framed.
Make this a very special gift. Send us the name of the couple and date of their marriage and we will add this to the picture in beautiful calligraphic script.


Artist: YehuditsArt
Colored papers
Calligraphic materials
Height: 9.2 / 23 cm
Width: 9.2 / 23 cm

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