YehuditsArt Sketch Print of Narrow Alleyway in Safed

YehuditsArt Sketch Print of Narrow Alleyway in Safed

  • Black and white sketch print of Safed, one of Israel's four holiest cities
  • Ancient city of Kabbalah where giants of Jewish mysticism lived
  • Note the picturesque stone walls and the narrow cobbled streets
  • No wood frame – only broad passe-partout

Product Description

If only stone could talk… In her black and white brief sketch print of Safed, artist YehuditsArt, seeks to capture the elusive quality of Safed's holiness and unique atmosphere; expressed in its picturesque views, narrow cobbled alleys, ancient Kabbalah Synagogues and clear cool air.

The beauty of this sketch is highlight by cream-colored passe-partout frame


SKU: YHA-018
Artist: YehuditsArt
Quality cream-colored paper
Black pen
Height: 4.7” / 11.9 cm
Width: 3.3” / 8.3 cm

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