Friekmanndar Stained Glass Hanukkah Menorah Crown Design - Golden Shades

Friekmanndar Stained Glass Hanukkah Menorah Crown Design - Golden Shades

8.6"(w) x 6.6"(h)

Product Description

This glorious Golden Menorah handcrafted in Israel by Friekmanndar Artists will warm everyone’s hearts as its lights shed a magnificent glow each night of Chanukah. Notice the intricate design – small pieces of glass interlock with each other to form the fan style backdrop to the Menorah. At the front are the eight candle holders and an additional one for the Shamash light.

The menorah in the Temple had seven lights. In order to retain its holiness and unique identity, the Rabbis forbade the replica of the Seven Branch menorah. The correct name of the eight-branch Menorah that is kindled today on Chanukah is Chanukiah.


Size: 8.6"(w) x 6.6"(h)
Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Width: 8.6"/22 cm
Height: 6.6"/17 cm
Preparation time: 7-10 days

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