Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - King Solomons Throne

Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - King Solomons Throne

  • A majestic display poster strengthening pride in Jewish heritage
  • Displays King Solomon's royal throne and its miraculous accessories
  • At the top is written in Hebrew, "Then Solomon sat on the throne of G-d"

Product Description

This poster depicts the magnificent royal throne of King Solomon. Its miraculous construction expressed the royalty of G-d that King Solomon represented. On top is written in Hebrew, “Then Solomon sat on the throne of G-d.”

Details... The throne, made of ivory and covered with gold, was set with precious stone that shone in brilliant dazzling colors. On the six steps leading to the seat were pure gold animals - each with a deep spiritual message. Rising above the throne was an exquisite pure gold Menorah. As King Shlomo began to climb the steps, the golden animals stretched out their feet to help him rise further. When he was seated, a golden eagle brought him the crown and held it just above his head so that it should not weigh on him heavily. The golden dove then brought him a tiny scroll of the Torah that he kept on his lap.

This miraculous throne was viewed with awe and admiration by the nations of the world who recognized it as an expression of G-d’s unique relationship with the Jewish nation. In later years, foreign invaders captured the throne but the miracles had ceased. Today, the whereabouts of the throne are shrouded in mystery.


SKU: MW-492
Laminated poster
Length: 27.5" / 70 cm
Width: 19.6 / 50 cm

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