Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Sukkot at the Kotel

Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Sukkot at the Kotel

70 x 50 cm

Product Description

Sukkot is the Chag when everyone wants to be in Jerusalem. A highlight is to begin the day with prayers at the Kotel. There are thousands of people there all praying in accordance with their tradition. We see them in this poster, wrapped in their prayer shawls, holding aloft the Four Species, the lulov and etrog. You can feel the atmosphere and intense devotion of their prayers. If you have never visit the Kotel on Sukkot, this poster will certainly give you the yearning.

In the Midrash, the Four Species is called a symbol of victory. It describes how the nations of the world seek to destroy the Jewish nation and we stand before the Heavenly Tribunal to plead our cause. We are successful and leave with the Lulov held aloft, a sign that the Jewish people are the ultimate victors.


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Size: 70 x 50 cm


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