Laminated Wall Poster Sukkot Seven Ushpizin Guests

By Malchut
Laminated Wall Poster Sukkot Seven Ushpizin Guests

Laminated Wall Poster Sukkot Seven Ushpizin Guests

By Malchut
70 x 50 cm

Product Description

A Sukkah is not complete if it does not prominently display an Ushpizin poster clearly listing the Ushpizin guests with the appropriate prayer of invitation recited on entering the Sukkah. Our poster is bright and cheerful with clearly written text. For good measure, we have also added the special prayer that is recited on leaving the sukkah at the end of the Festival. May our poster help the inspiration of these holy Ushpizin guests fulfill the potential of the Sukkot holiday – so that you can enjoy and elevate yourselves and the world around you!

Ushpizin, Aramaic for guests, means refers to the seven holy leaders of our nation: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aharon, Joseph and David. The Sukkah generates such an intense concentration of spiritual energy that they come from Heaven to partake of its Divine light. All seven are present every day but daily, each takes his turn to lead the other six. They are called the “Shepherds of Israel,” for like a shepherd who provides nourishment for his flock, these seven leaders nourish us with their spiritual essence.


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Size: 70 x 50 cm


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