Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Nishmat Kol Chai

By Malchut
Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Nishmat Kol Chai

Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Nishmat Kol Chai

By Malchut
70 x 50 cm

Product Description

This stunning poster is devoted to Nishmat Kol Chai – a prayer that is the highlight of the Shabbat and Yom Tov prayer service and is also part of the Pessach seder table. The text is written out in full and below is a picture of a man reciting Nishmat Kol Chai alongside breathtaking scenery. A rivulet tumbles over stones, there are ducks in the stream and alongside the green vegetation, on top of a crag is a hart, is a male deer - a reference to the verse in Psalms (42:2) that compares the deer’s yearning for water to the longing of the soul for closeness to G-d. This picture of harmony reflects the joy of the soul that sings praises to its Creator.

The powerful and evocative words of Nishmat are always recited aloud and with great feeling. The first word, Nishmat, means both breath and soul. For a Jew, his soul is the breath of life. The eloquent words express our feelings of inadequacies – we lack words to convey gratitude to the A-mighty for His abundant kindnesses.

The Nishmat prayer has special properties. It is recommended to recite it at a time of danger or before a major crisis such as surgery. Others pledge to recite it when they recover or are saved from any peril. In recent times, various groups have undertaken to publicize the prayer and every night at 12:00, people gather at the Kotel to recite it with great concentration.


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Size: 70 x 50 cm


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