Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Birkat Hamazon

By Malchut
Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Birkat Hamazon

Laminated Colorful Wall Poster - Birkat Hamazon

By Malchut

Product Description

This colorful poster will be appreciated by all who partake in your sukkah meals. The full text of Birkat Hamazon is written clearly and prominently. Hanging it on the wall will serve as a nonjudgmental reminder to those present to recite the prayer slowly and carefully from the written text a worthy practice recommended by our Sages. At the base of the poster are displays of various foods that add color to the picture. (Of course, when these foods are eaten without bread, they will need a separate blessing).

The source of Birkat Hamazon is a Torah command. We are instructed to bless G-d after eating to satisfaction. Indeed, most of Birkat Hamazon is an expression of gratitude to G-d. We thank Him for giving us food, for taking us out of Egypt and for making His covenant with us and giving us the Land of Israel. We re-affirm our conviction that whatever G-d does is good and conclude Birkat Hamazon with a prayer for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the coming of the Moshiach.

This poster will bring dignity to your sukkah. It is perfect for schools, synagogues or dining halls. After Sukkot, you can transfer it to your dining area where it will surely be used and appreciated.


Made in Israel
20 x 27 Inches (50x70cm)


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