Silver Aluminum Weather-proof Classic Mezuzah Case

Silver Aluminum Weather-proof Classic Mezuzah Case


Product Description

This mezuzah case is a good solution for an inexpensive quality mezuzah case. A light Silver brushed aluminum cover has an engraved black lettered outlined shin on the case, Which comes in several sizes. Smallest size 2.8" upto 5".

This mezuzah screws open on the bottom for insertion of the parchment, and is attached to the doorpost by two sided adhesive tape which comes with the mezuzah case.

* Size specified refers to the size of the mezuzah scroll appropriate for that mezuzah case and not the overall height of the mezuzah case. The actual case size is approx. 1" larger.


Material: Aluminum
Made in Israel

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Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 based on 3 reviews

Excellent value

Perfect for my office. I wanted something pretty, inexpensive and not too prominent. This gets a five-star rating on each point.

Screws enclosed inside the case

liked the idea that I have two options for sticking to wall. Chose the screws enclosed.

Rugged, easy to use, and visually pleasing

I am a college student who has moved between living situations these past few years. This mezuzah is has an aesthetically pleasing simple and unobtrusive design. Perfect for apartment door frames. It is easy to safely keep a kosher mezuzah scroll inside. Would highly recommend.

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