Silver Plated Round Jerusalem Mezuzah

Silver Plated Round Jerusalem Mezuzah

12cm / 5"

Product Description

If you are looking for something a little different, this silver-plated Mezuzah case is for you. The letter “shin” stands out in sharp relief on the cover – a reminder of the Mezuzah’s holiness. Along the sides are pictures of Old Jerusalem. The brick design at the base alludes to the Wailing Wall from where the presence of G-d has never departed.

The parchment is easily inserted at the top or base. Two-sided adhesive tape is provided for simple wall attachment.

All specified sizes refer to parchment length. The Mezuzah case is approx. 1” longer to ensure comfortable insertion.


SKU: SG-12093
Size: 12cm / 5"
Made in Israel
weather resistant.
Scroll size up to: 12cm / 5"
Warranty: 10 years
Material: Silver Plate

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great item, very happy with it

When I was buying this case I wasn't sure about it's quality especially was skeptical about that water resistant part, "the price is too low" I thought for this case to have all these pros, well low and behold after a number of some serious rains around I am happy to say that it is indeed water resistant, and the parchment inside stayed as dry as if it was inserted yesterday. I would buy this item again if I would have to.

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