Silver plated Kiddush Cup Set

By Hoshen Judaica

Silver plated Kiddush Cup Set

By Hoshen Judaica

Product Description

This impressive silver plated Kiddush cup and plate represent a blend of the past and present. The plate is a contemporary octagonal shape that is highly distinctive and the cup has intricate engravings that give it an antique look. The foot lends height and dignity.
For whatever occasion the Kiddush cup is used, it symbolizes the vessel through which G-ds blessing flows. Throughout the ages, Jews have always given thought and effort to ensure that their Kiddush cups should be works of art that will take pride of place on the Shabbat table.
Wipe the cup well after use and shine it from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent. To ensure lasting wear, the silver plate has been sprayed with long-lasting lacquer.


Kiddush cup height: 6.4"
Tray diameter:4.7"

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