Tzuki Art Hand Painted Hanukkah Menorah, Youth Enjoying Traffic Jam - Colorful

Tzuki Art Hand Painted Hanukkah Menorah, Youth Enjoying Traffic Jam - Colorful


Product Description

Tzuki Art's Menorah breathes vitality and humor. He speaks to car enthusiasts and to anyone who feels that they are driving – or being driven - too fast on the frenzied road of life. The eight colorful cars of his Menorah, corresponding to the eight days of Chanukah, are stuck in a traffic jam. Tzuki’s drivers climb out and have fun singing and jumping - making the most of every moment of life.

This dynamic Menorah has been skillfully laser-cut from steel. Each one is hand-painted and lacquered. Eight small glasses at the front hold tea lights or floating wicks in olive oil. After Chanukah, simply pour boiling water over the Menorah to clean and remove pieces of wax. Since every Menorah is individually painted, there may be variations in colors shades.

See Additional Items below for more Hanukkah items: floating wicks, glass inserts, candles, and a laminated Hanukkah pamphlet to enhance your candle-lighting ritual with the Menorah blessings and popular Haneirot Halalu and Mo’az Tzur songs, boldly printed in Hebrew and English.


SKU: TZ-4474
Artist: Tzuki Art
Made in Israel
Laser-cut steel
Height: 8.9" / 22.5 cm
Width: 15.6" / 39.7 cm
Depth: 3.2" / 8.2 cm

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