Tzuki Art Hand Painted Hanukkah Menorah with Joyful Family - Blue

Tzuki Art Hand Painted Hanukkah Menorah with Joyful Family - Blue


Product Description

This magnificent Tzuki Art Menorah has been superbly laser-cut from steel and then individually hand-painted and lacquered. Eight small detachable glass tops rest on the base of the Menorah. On Chanukah, it can be lit with tea-lights or floating wicks in olive oil.

The Heavenly blue color depicts bright lively diverse figures sharing a cheerful smile that reflects unity - the essence of a happy family and the spirit of Chanukah. Soaring above, holding the shamash light, is the mother, creator of the family, held aloft by the father.
Since each menorah is individually hand-painted, there maybe variations in shades of colors.

Easy Care: after Chanukah, simply pour on boiling water to remove wax. Do not use sharp instruments.


SKU: TZ-446
Artist: Tzuki Art
Made in Israel
Laser-cut steel
Height: 9.4" / 24 cm
Width: 16.9" / 43 cm
Depth: 3.3" / 8.5 cm

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