Hanukkah Menorah

Light your Chanukah candles with these traditional Chanukah menorahs.

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Showing 1-32 out of 429 items

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Traditional Chanukah Menorah

Browse through the aJudaica Chanukah Menorah collection -a feast for the eyes that will put you in the Chanukah mood. Our site is bursting with Menorahs, some 300 samples - all shapes, sizes, materials, prices and colors. You will surely find among them a Menorah to suit your taste and pocket.

The traditional eight-branch Menorah, called Hanukia in Hebrew, displays eight candle holders and a separate one for the Shamash light. Oil and wicks are preferable but candles are equally suitable to create those glowing beloved lights. The text will specify if it is a candle-only Menorah. Our precise measurements will help you choose the right size depending on whether the Menorah will stand by a window, door or on the table.

Most of our Menorahs are classic shaped, on stems with an elegant base. Many display a Star of David, Jerusalem images, lions, doves or other designs. Materials range from metal, nickel, silver plate, pewter, brass to stunning colored glass. The Menorah inspires the creative spirit; almost every Judaica artist has a collection, each with their individual style and signature themes.

Buying a Menorah for a child you love? Even adults will love the train design on our glass Menorah. Kids will adore Yair Emanuel’s playful Menorahs in their bright cheerful colors. Dorit Judaica delicate Menorah designs incorporate her hallmark pomegranate. Friekmanndar displays the beauty of colored glass. Benny Dabbah’s stunning designs demonstrate amazing etched letters. Gerstein and Tzuki have created Menorahs that are works of art to be wall displays year-long.

Travelling? A huge selection of compact small size Menorah will ensure that you can observe the mitzvah of Menorah even when away from home. Look through the designs of Agayof, Sidler, Yealat Chen. For an exclusive prestigious design, try Laura Cowan.

Whichever you choose, an aJudaica Menorah will help you to celebrate Chanukah in its traditional spirit as the warm lights of the Menorah shed their gentle glow on you and your dear ones.

“Happy Chanukah!” or as they say in Israel “Chanukah Sa’mayach!”

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