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When we talk about a "Kiddush cup", we are referring to the recitation declared over a cup of wine before commencing the Shabbat meal on Friday evening and Shabbat morning. It is a special moment when everyone, seated around the table, listens intently as the leader of the family fills the cup with wine, lifts it up and, holding it cradled in his hand, recites aloud the traditional words of Kiddush.

With all eyes on the cup as the "starter" for the meal, the Kiddush cup holds a place of honor on the Shabbat table. So, of course, you will want a cup that is attractively designed a cup that will be a pleasure to hold and to use.

One cup in our collection that is a consistent best seller is the Kiddush cup with the ever-popular Armenian design. It features the characteristic floral design in a dominant blue blended with other colors. Words from the wine blessing printed on the cup and the matching saucer make this a perfect centerpiece for the Shabbat table.

For an uplifting visual experience, examine our ceramic Kiddush cups, made in Israel by Michal Ben Yosef, a leader in the field of ceramics. Her colors are gentle and tranquil, evocative of the countryside landscape that she sees from the window of her studio in the moshav where she lives and works. Her Kiddush cups are an expression of her deep love for the land and people of Israel with their holy traditions.

Each Kiddush cup is hand crafted and then carefully kiln-baked to ensure maximum quality and durability. Study her antique-styled ewer shaped Kiddush cup or if you prefer, there is a traditional stem design with a contemporary look. Most of her cups are two tone with Hebrew text engravings and they come with matching saucers. So, no need to worry about drops of wine falling from the cup.

Made with loving care, here in the Land of Israel, Michal Ben Yosef's Kiddush cups will give long wear. Wash by hand in water. The colors will retain their natural beauty. Graceful and elegant, every item will enhance and add glamor to your Shabbat table. If this is the first time, you are bringing ceramics to your Shabbat table, we assure you it will not be the last! If you wish to purchase a cup as a gift, it's a great choice.

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