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The Kiddush cup plays a central role in Jewish life. In addition to its use at the Shabbat table, you will find it at almost every event of Jewish significance. Holding such a place of honor, you surely want a Kiddush Cup you will be proud to use and display.

AJudaica’s anodized aluminum collection of Kiddush Cups, displaying the work of Israel’s leading Judaica artists, brings you a magnificent choice.

The leader is Avner Agayof. In his Jerusalem studio, he created luxurious Judaica items of superb quality that come with a life-long guarantee. His extraordinary Kiddush Cups are goblet shaped based on a minimal design with distinctive decorative details. They come in a selection of scintillating metallic colors. For a prestigious addition, there is an option for purchasing each Kiddush Cup with a matching set of smaller cups, standing elegantly on a raised tray.

Meet Dabbah Judaica - an outstanding silversmith who today works with anodized aluminum, producing items that are heirloom pieces of incredible quality and beauty. Here too the emphasis is on a minimal design in metallic colors – perfect for the contemporary Jew who seeks to combine tradition in the spirit of modern art.

Another artist featured in this selection is Shraga Landesman. His art works reflect his deep love of the Land of Israel and its historic past. His elegant goblet Kiddush cups stand proudly on a pretty cutout pomegranate design engraved with blessing words.

Our final selection is from Yair Emanuel – prolific creative Judaica artist. Each of his anodized aluminum Kiddush cups is a work of art. They make fantastic gifts and his endless output is eagerly welcomed by a growing world-wide circle of admirers.

Here are some of his most recent anodized aluminum designs… a beaker style Kiddush cup with an exquisite filigree design silver band matching the design on the accompanying plate… a Kiddush Cup sure to charm with blessing words matching the saucer decorated with the entire Kiddush text engraved in a circular design… gleaming cups with decorate metal bands at the base… goblet style cups with silver decorative bands… for the traditionally minded - a series of classic stainless steel cups with distinctive decorative designs.

In conclusion - the Kiddush cup symbolizes the vessel into which the Almighty’s blessings are poured. May the Kiddush Cup you have chosen from our collection to grace your Shabbat table or that of a dear one bring you endless Heavenly blessings.

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