Wooden Kiddush Cups


The Kiddush cup holds a place of honor on the Shabbat table and in the heart of every Jew. It is a necessary item in every Jewish home and many families have two, three or more cups in their display cabinet. So, even if you have a favorite cup, why not treat yourself to an additional cup. Perhaps a special cup for reciting Kiddush on the Holidays or on other occasions. A new cup adds a touch of excitement to the Kiddush.

If you are choosing a Kiddush cup, what could be more beautiful than a hand-painted wood Kiddush cup? The most renowned artist in this field is Yair Emanuel, recognized the world-over for his endless creativity and almost magical feel for harmonizing colors.

Yair Emanuel's wood Kiddush cups are ever-popular designs that never seem to tire his admiring and growing circle of fans. Each one is individually designed and then hand-painted using acrylic colors. A strong lacquer finish at the end ensures that the cup is waterproof and can be hand-washed

The Kiddush cups are impressive on a stem with a circular base that stands firmly on its matching wide saucer ready to catch those drops of wine when you fill the cup to overflowing. Of course, these Kiddush cups can be used on Seder night too (and matched up with other Yair Emanuel items). You will find a hand-painted wood Cup of Elijah and a Cup of Miriam.

Many of Yair Emanuel's hand-painted wood Kiddush cups feature his favorite theme Jerusalem. Passionate about its beauty, he constantly seems to find a new look that captures the unique spirit of this holy city. Whether it is a contemporary view of the city or a portrayal of the city bathed in golden light or a view of its landmarks - there is always a remarkable blend of colors and hues that make each Kiddush cup a veritable work of art.

Other popular themes for the hand-painted Kiddush cups include pastoral scenes or the Seven Species all exquisitely hand painted and lacquered with breathtaking harmonious colors that join together like a tapestry.

Whether this is your first Kiddush cup or an additional cup or a gift there can be no doubt that a hand-painted wood Kiddush cup from Yair Emanuel honors the Shabbat and makes an impressive statement about your personal taste for combining tradition with contemporary art in the most beautiful way possible.

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