Crystal & Glass Kiddush Cups


It is Shabbat. The candles shed their radiant glow. Parents and children are seated around the beautifully laid table and the sumptuous Shabbat meal is about to begin. But, first is the Kiddush ceremony – a special prayer and blessing welcoming the Shabbat to our home.

The Kiddush cup is filled with sweet red wine and holding it in the right hand, the head of the family recites the Kiddush declaration Many have a beautiful custom - to let the wine overflow a little to symbolize the many blessings we wish for ourselves and our dear ones. .

During the ritual, all eyes are on the wine cup. Traditionally, this is not just an ordinary cup but an elegant goblet kept especially for the occasion. An attractive Judaica item – it expresses our love for Shabbat and the Kiddush.

Amongst the vast selection of AJudaica's Kiddush cups, you will find a group of glass Kiddush cups too – a great choice if you are looking for something traditional that carries a touch of contemporary style. Glass has been around for thousands of years and has always been a revered object for religious items. It does not tarnish or scratch. It matches any table decor and it is non-allergic – not affecting the taste of the wine. It is soft and gentle and will suit a woman too – if she is the one reciting the Kiddush.

We plan to expand the selection. Meanwhile, enjoy our elegant goblet-shaped cups. The slender stems are decorated with gleaming crushed stones giving a majestic appearance. Another cup has a frosted look with words from the wine blessing engraved at the top. Each cup comes with a spacious matching plate that will catch those falling drops of wine.

You already have a Kiddush cup?! Treat yourself to a special Kiddush cup for the Holidays. This gives it an exclusive aura and adds to those nostalgic memories. Use one of our glass Kiddush cups for your Cup of Elijah on the Seder night? It will look distinctive standing in the center of the table. Present it as a gift to someone dear to your heart to celebrate that special occasion.

Whichever glass cup and saucer you select, you can be sure that it will enhance your Shabbat or Holiday table, adding a touch of stylish splendor. When not in use, it will make a beautiful decoration on your shelf or in your display case.

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