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Enjoy decorating your kitchen with lively hand painted on wood Challah Boards by Kakadu, Cubic design Challah Board, Flowers on Fire by Kakadu, these designs are hand painted with style and panache.

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Showing 1-13 out of 13 items

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Kakadu Art Cutting Boards

It is almost thirty years since husband and wife, Aharon and Reut Shahar, master carpenter and artist, decided to share their talents. Together, they established the Kakadu Design Company in Moshav Zafririm, in the historic Elah Valley. They constructed there a sprawling studio, workshop, and gallery. Inspired by the world of nature around them and their amazingly gifted hands, they began to produce an endless array of creative and dramatic home items that enhance and complete the look of any living space.

Their vibrant dramatic cutting boards are doubly useful. They can be used in the kitchen as chopping boards or stand on your Shabbat table, to be used for cutting the challah. The square boards come with knives – perfect for slicing challah. When not in use, the pomegranate shaped boards can be hung on your kitchen wall with a nail, adding a decorative touch of color to the walls.

Each board is hand-painted by the artists and covered with layers of lacquer ensuring that it is stain and waterproof. The pomegranate shapes are all colored in shades of bright red and orange. They represent traditional Jewish themes in a contemporary setting. You will find the Seven Species, A palm and date design, Jerusalem, pomegranates, and of course the beloved Hamsa.

A Kakadu cutting board makes a beautiful functional gift that will give years of enjoyable wear.

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