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Home decor hand painted Placemats by Israeli artist Kakadu, a stylish and unique addition to your kitchen decor!

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Showing 1-32 out of 86 items

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Kakadu Placemats

The discussion continues - place mats or tablecloths. When it is a Kakadu placemat, the discussion is over. Their vivacious colors and imaginative designs are so popular, they always win the day.

The Kakadu studio and workshop is located in the magnificent historic Elah Valley. It is one of Israel's most pastoral areas. The magnificent soothing background of nature and wild life creates an atmosphere that is perfect for inspiration and at Kakadu, there is plenty of inspiration.

In addition, there is a high priority placed on protecting the environment. Wood and paints are carefully selected and skilled techniques ensure minimal waste.

Each place mat is hand painted in vivid bold colors. Themes draw heavily from nature, birds, fruit, sunsets and more. You will find heart-stirring images, imaginative abstracts, flowers and animals. Every place mat is a conversation piece. The colors and symbols add flavor and interest to the meal being served.

Choose your placemat shape. There are circular - small and large - square shapes and elegant rectangular placemats. All have been covered with a strong layer of lacquer ensuring that years later, the colors are still fresh and vibrant.

The name Kakadu represents the best of quality and design – quality art from Israel that is recognized the world-over. Any item from the Kakadu inventory is a prestigious gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed in all seasons and at all times.

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