Lazy Susans by Kakadu Designs

Hand painted on wood Lazy Susan by Kakadu, just place it in the center of the table, empty or full, and enjoy how your kitchen is transformed!

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Showing 1-32 out of 34 items

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Kakadu Art Lazy Susan

Add a Kakadu Lazy Susan to your tabletop and enjoy the modern contemporary look. Each one is hand-crafted with a sturdy ball bearing revolving mechanism. Place your Lazy Susan on a sideboard with dishes of nuts or candies, or in the center of the table to hold your condiments or dips. A colorful Kakadu Lazy Susan will bring life and color to your kitchen décor.

Kakadu, headed by husband and wife, Reut and Aharon Shahar, are a carpenter and artist team. Passionate about detail and perfection, they personally supervise every stage of production. Reut hand-paints every item with cheerful positive colors that breathe a reverence and love of life. True Israeli art – it radiates a sense of constant movement. Finally, the design is sealed with many coats of varnish that are resistant to kitchen spills or stains.

Many of the Lazy Susan designs are replicas of tableware themes. So, if you haven't begun already, now is the time to begin a Kakadu collection. Themes draw heavily from nature and animal life. You will find geometrical designs, glowing sunsets, mysterious looking birds, romantic flowers and striking night imagery.

A Kakadu Lazy Susan is a home decoration that is distinctive and timeless. It makes a beautiful gift. Whether it is used for serving or as a decoration, it will be appreciated and enjoyed and recognized immediately as a Kakadu work of art!

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