Hand Painted Wooden Shofar Stand - 7 Species -Small

Hand Painted Wooden Shofar Stand - 7 Species -Small

6.5" X 3.9"

Product Description

If you are considering buying a Shofar, or if you have already acquired one, we recommend that you add a stand so that it will be on display year-round. A prominent Shofar stand is a proud expression of Jewish identity and an on-going reminder of the message of Rosh Hashanah. An attractive Stand will set off and show your shofar to its maximum advantage.

Fits Ram's horn Shofars up to size 15" (measured around the curve, not in straight line)

This hand painted wooden stand for the smaller Shofar was created by Yair Emanuel, one of our country’s prominent artists. Using acrylic colors that are then lacquered, his picture depicts foliage and luscious pomegranates that are a symbol of growth and bountifulness.

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