Shofar stands & bags by Emanuel

Display and carry your precious Yemenite or Rams Horn Shofar in these unique Yair Emanuel Shofar Stands and Shofar Pouches, in designs including Jerusalem and Seven Species.

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Showing 1-7 out of 7 items

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Your Precious Shofar

So, you have bought yourself a Shofar. Hold it carefully. Feel a thrill as you gently stroke the surface. Hear its sound - a piercing call that penetrates to the depth of the soul. The Shofar sounds differently for every person. But when it is blown on the awe-filled day of Rosh Hashanah, it fills the hearts and souls of all present, uniting Jews everywhere in their crowning of G-d as their king.

The need for a Shofar Bag or Stand

Whether you have purchased the Shofar as a precious gift for yourself or a dear one, it will not be complete without a Shofar bag or stand. The bag stores it neatly protecting it from dust and scratches and enabling you to carry it conveniently from place to place. The stand will display it conspicuously, highlighting its beauty so that it will be an admired decoration in your home or place of work.

Yair Emanuel's Shofar Bag

Yair Emanuel's velvet-padded bags will protect and beautify your ram's horn Shofar. They are decorated with images of Jerusalem and come in a choice of colors. For a long curved Yemenite horn, there is a special Yair Emanuel velvet pouch, elegantly embroidered with Hebrew text and available in various sizes.

If you are looking for a display stand for your ram's horn, Yair Emanuel has designed one just for you. Painted in his hallmark vivid harmonious colors, you can choose images of Jerusalem or a delightful pomegranate design. All hold the Shofar securely in place whilst bringing you a splash of festive color.

Your Shofar Bag and Stand

A Shofar bag or stand is more than a Shofar accessory. It is the perfect expression of dignity for the Shofar. It protects it so that it will remain a beloved item of Judaica for years to come.

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