Passover by Emanuel

This stunning collection of Matza and Afikoman Covers by Yair Emanuel, Seder Plates and Matza Plates will beautify your Passover Seder Table, or make a meaningful gift for your holiday hosts.

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Showing 1-32 out of 62 items

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Passover Judaica by Yair Emanuel

Your Favorite Festival

Ask any Jew “What is your favorite Festival?” Chances are that he will answer Pesach with its rich visual experiences that delight the eye and soul. Chances are that each year, you lovingly lay the Seder table with the same Seder Plate and Matzah covers. Maybe, now is the time for a change. Inject something new to your table setting. Bring to it dynamic color, design. It is time for Yair Emanuel!

Introduce Yair Emanuel

This highly rated Judaica artist is as popular as he is beloved. Blending the spirit of his religious childhood with formal training, he has created a splendid choice of Pesach items that retain the classic beauty of tradition but express the spirit of the contemporary Jew. Enjoy the rich tapestry of color. Revel in themes that are either intensely Jewish – Jerusalem, pomegranates, Seven Species - or display delicate floral and animal themes.

The Pesach Collection

The Seder Plate, focal point of the Evening’s ritual, is always attractive. Yair Emanuel offers you the perfect choice; either a gleaming aluminum Seder Plate or a hand painted wood model or a compact easy-pack-away plate – perfect if you are away from home or have little storage space.

For Matzah and Afikomen holders there is a choice of glorious designs, meticulously painted on silk fabric, specially treated so that the colors remain durable and do not fade. These items come either singly or in sets.

Instead of “Pass the Matzah please,” place your Matzah in one of Yair’s artistic deep matzah plates. As beautiful as they are functional, they will give everyone appetite for Matzah.

Yair Emanuel’s hand-painted Elijah’s cup is certain to attract attention. All eyes will be on it, admiring the bold harmonious colors and delightful Jerusalem theme design.

The Perfect Gift

Any item from the Yair Emanuel collection of Pesach items makes a beautiful gift for anyone anytime. Start with yourself and let the entire family enjoy your good taste. Notice the reasonable prices.

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