Kiddush Cups by Emanuel

The diverse collection of Kiddush Cups from Yair Emanuel includes Painted Wineglass and Saucer, the Bride and Groom Kiddush Cup Set and Kiddush Fountains in meaningful designs, or you can enhance your Shabbat table with a sleek cast aluminum Kiddush Cup set.

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Showing 1-32 out of 105 items

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The Kiddush Cup

A Jewish home is not complete without at least one Kiddush Cup. It is used primarily to start the Shabbat meal but it is also an integral part of every Jewish milestone celebration. Indeed, many families have more than one Kiddush cup and they will proudly display them on their Judaica shelf.

Yair Emanuel

We invite you to scroll through our display of the Kiddush cup collection of Judaica artist Yair Emanuel. One of Israel’s most well-known artists, his prolific output includes just about every item to be found in the Synagogue or Jewish home. Whether it is for Shabbat, Holidays or weekdays, you will find a Yair Emanuel Kiddush cup to suit your pocket and taste.

The Collection

The anodized aluminum Kiddush cups of Yair Emanuel come in distinctive contemporary colors that are pleasing to the eye. His wood cups are hand painted with colorful vibrant themes that are Emanuel hallmarks. Each cup is heavily lacquered, ensuring that it is durable and long-wearing. The themes are traditional and modern – traditional captivating views of Jerusalem or the Seven Species contrasting with a bride and groom image.

Also in the Kiddush cup collection is a cup standing on a tray together with small cups for distribution of the Kiddush wine. Or, consider a small tray holding six small cups without the main cup. There are some delightful Kiddush fountains on view also. These will surely captivate your guests’ interest. Children especially are fascinated by the wine trickling from spout of the main goblet into the surrounding small cups. Finally, you will find in the collection a dramatic Cup of Elijah displaying magnificent images of the Old City.

As a Gift

A Kiddush cup is a no-fail gift that is always acceptable. Present it for a birth, a bar mitzvah, wedding, house warming, to your hosts. For any occasion, any time of the year, a Kiddush cup is a beautiful gift that is attractive and functional and strengthens the beauty of Jewish tradition.

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