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Enhance your Torah reading with these decorative Yair Emanuel Torah "Yad" Pointers at

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Showing 1-13 out of 13 items

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About the Torah Pointer

A Torah pointer is a Torah decoration in the form of a hand with an extended index finger. It usually comes with a chain and it is stored by attaching it to the staves of the Torah scroll. The Pointer is used by the Reader to point to the text he is reading. This is because the scroll is sacred. Also, the parchment is highly sensitive. So, any touch by human hand is avoided.

The Yair Emanuel Pointer

You will be proud to own or present as a gift any of the Pointers designed by beloved Judaica artist Yair Emanuel. With skill and creativity, he brings an impressive contemporary touch to the classic humble pointer. His Pointers are slim and elegant of a minimalistic design with a pointed tip instead of the traditional hand shape. The colors are vibrant and cheerful in the Yair Emanuel tradition. Note the low cost.

If you are looking for a little more detail on a Pointer, consider Emanuel's multi-striped Pointers or the Pointers with colorful decorative bands also offered in a selection of vibrant contemporary colors.

Yair Emanuel has a splendid Pointer if you are looking for something especially decorative and impressive. It is hand-painted in a gorgeous display of colors, in the classic Yair Emanuel style. When not in use, it clips into a special stand that is similarly hand-painted and heavily lacquered to ensure durability. Choose from two colorful designs - a gorgeous pomegranate theme or Seven Species design. This splendid Pointer will definitely take pride of place in any display cabinet.

As a Gift

A Pointer is the perfect for all occasions and all ages. It is an exclusive gift to a boy who is beginning to study Torah. It is a popular Barmitzvah present and it is also a prestigious gift for a father, grandfather, Rabbi or anyone to whom you wish to present an expression of respect and appreciation.

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