Kippot & Hats by Emanuel

These exquisite Hats and Kippot by Yair Emanuel can be worn to the most elegant occasions, whether of raw silk or cotton, decorated with Judaica themes such as Jerusalem, Seven Species and Biblical figures.

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Showing 1-32 out of 113 items

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Emanuel Hats and Kippah


This gifted Judaica artist lives and works in Jerusalem. His designs reflect his love of the holy city and his connection to Jewish tradition. His colors are dynamic and fluid – an exciting blend of shades and tones. His themes are related to Jerusalem but he also shows a deep attachment to the world of nature and this is reflected in many of his designs.


Since Talmud times, it has been the custom for Jewish boys and men to cover their heads. It represents respect for G-d and submission of the intellect to Divine will. Over the ages, there have been many variations in the style of kippah and hat head covering- often an expression of custom and local dress style. Usually, boys begin to wear a kippah at the age of three although some have the custom to start after birth.


Turning his attention to head coverings, Yair Emanuel offers us an exciting and varied collection.

Kippot: He has a line of single color inexpensive silk kippahs in a choice of distinguished colors. There are kippot with hand-painted images of Jerusalem or abstract Judaica motifs. You will find a selection of pretty velvet kippot. There are also more silk kippot with delightful embroidery. An exclusive range of kippot depicts Jerusalem and bird themes embroidered with rich threads in multicolor shades.

Bucharian Hat Yair Emanuel’s attractive designs have brought fame to the traditional pillbox Bucharian style hat. They are always dignified and impressive – appropriate for any occasion – Purim, a family celebration or for regular ware. You will find here a selection that is colorful, and flattering. The range includes: floral or geometric designs, bird and flower themes and of course the Yair Emanuel hallmark – scenes from Jerusalem.


A hat, or kippah, from Yair Emanuel will certainly be noticed and get you ahead!

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