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View our decorative Judaica candlesticks by Yair Emanuel, ranging from Travelling Candlesticks to elegant fitted ones, all with his unique style and Biblical themes.

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Showing 1-32 out of 105 items

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Yair Emanuel Candlesticks

Shabbat Candles

The Shabbat candles that welcome Shabbat are an eloquent symbol of the strength of the Jewish home and the eternal values of Jewish tradition. Throughout the ages, attractive candlesticks have expressed the Jews’ love for Shabbat candle lighting and his wish to honor and enjoy the holy Shabbat day.

Yair Emanuel’s Candlesticks

Renowned Judaica artist, Yair Emanuel, offers a stunning choice of candlesticks that will enable you to continue the chain of Jewish tradition with a contemporary art style that fits your life mode. His classic and original designs and vivid colors combine function and style. He is original and versatile, sharing with us a passionate love of Jewish symbols.

You will find here a selection of his hand-painted candlesticks decorated with motifs or illustrations that depict Jerusalem, Seven Species, flowers, and pomegranates. Warm colors harmonize, making these wood designs bright and playful. A heavy lacquer finish ensures durability. In contrast, he also offers a range of brushed metal candlesticks in sleek contemporary colors, conveying an ultra-modern look that speaks of elegant décor of the highest quality of taste.

In this category, you will find a fine selection of small size travelling candlesticks. These make wonderful use for guests or for when you are away from home. The hand-painted designs come in a delightful box – compact for easy transportation.

Light is also associated with the special Yahrzeit candles that are kindled to perpetuate the memory of a dear one. Yair Emanuel has given dignity to the ritual by offering a series of stunningly elegant Yahrzeit candle holders in a choice of colors and designs.

Time to buy a Yair Emanuel Candlestick

A pair of Yair Emanuel candlesticks will elevate the weekly candle-lighting ritual and bring tasteful decoration to your home. So, illuminate the beauty of the light of Shabbat in your home and treat yourself to a pair of Yair Emanuel candlesticks.

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